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MSL - Molten Salt Loop

Experimental loop for working with molten fluoride salt.

This technology is mainly used for material research on the behaviour of various nickel alloys in the environment of fluoride melts.                                                                                                                The device is an inactive laboratory, universal, technical set of loop conception. It shapes to a certain extend the primary circuit of the future salt reactor.

PURPOSE OF MSL                                                                                                                    Study of the behaviour of molten fluoride salts, technology of preparation and handling of molten salts in various working modes, long-term corrosion tests and long-term tests of various types of seals in flange joints.

SCOPE OF THE EQUIPMENT                                                                                                    The whole technology is designed as a modular one, which allows the individual components, including auxiliary and support systems, to be interchanged and supplemented as required, including the system of measurement, regulation, control and power supply.

Experimental loop consists of:

  • Handling storage tank
  • Universal heating of the handling tank
  • Heated inlet pipe into a loop with a freezing valve
  • Pump
  • Sampling system
  • Square loop shape
  • 4 branches with flanges
  • Safety catch vane
  • Supporting constructions

BASIC PARAMETERS                                                                                                                Own loop volume                                                               3 dm3                                                            Maximum achievable salt temperature                               760 °C at least                                              The expected working temperature of the salt                    500-600 °C                                                  Volume of the handling tank                                              5 dm3                                                          Total heat input of the loop                                                  max. 25 kW