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Kogenerační jednotka   Production of electricity from renewable sources

       TARPO´s aim was to develop a fully-automatic comprehensive system with electric power in the range of 100 to 500 kW. In this power range is the largest number of enterested persons who have their own wood waste, or may it carry out of the closest distances.

Complete 500 kW device includes:

  1. line for wood chips preparation       
  2. silo                                                                                                
  3. fuel conveying system
  4. wood biomass dryer for waste heat
  5. pyrolysis unit and gas generator
  6. gas cleaning and cooling unit
  7. gas cogeneration unit with power output.


​​​​​​​Due to use of our developed multistage gasification process is achieved unusually high electrical efficiency of more than 34%.

Use of device:                                                                                                                                                   Forest or sawmill waste of any moisture is prepared to a chips of an appropriate size (2-8 cm) and it is subsequently dried to 10-15% humidity. Dryer efficiently uses the residual heat from the gasification process, particularly from the exhaust gas of the cogeneration unit. All wood mass transport is automatically controlled.                                                                                                                                    Chips is brought to the first stage of the pyrolysis unit, where is gradually gasified in cooperation with the gas reactor. Hot raw gas is then cooled and perfectly cleaned to meet a strict purity limits for the gas engine of the cogeneration unit in which it is subsequently burned. All waste heat is consistently returned to the gasification cycle, thereby achieving a high efficiency of the whole process.                                            Heat from the engine cooling of the cogeneration unit (power of about 500 kW, temperature of 80 °C) is available for heating, hot service water preparation or as a process heat. The electrical power of the cogeneration unit is carried over the main switchboard and the transformer into the high-voltage network.

ENERGOGAS (wood gas)                                                                                                                             - it is a low-heating gas from a gasification unit, its main components are CO, H2, CH4, CO2, N               - calorific value approx 5,6 MJ/m³                                                                                                             - excellent anti-knock properties - gaqs engines with higher ration and thus high efficiency can be used   - gas is cleaned very well before being used in cogeneration unit (amount of tar < 10mg/m3, amount of      dust < 5 mg/m3), which guarantees the long-term reliable operation of cogeneration unit.

Only a small amount of wood ash, about 1% of the mass of the input fuel, leaves the whole process.

Technical data of the gasification unit 500 kW
Mass and energy balance Values
Nominal el. power output 500 kW
Consumption of wood chips (absolutely dry) 380 kg/hour
Wood chips size 20 up to 80 mm
Humidity up to 60%
Amount of waste ash approx 3 kg/hour
Own el. consumption 35 kW
Waste heat of cooling water (80 °C) 500 kW
Overall efficiency of electro + heat 75 %
Electric efficiency 32 % as minimum
Specific fuel consumption (absolutely dry) approx 0,76 kg/kWhel
Specific el. work approx 1,32 kg/kWhel