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Companies TARPO Ltd. and Svodoba a syn Ltd. working together on a new project

This project focus on the practical application of solid energy waste in production of artificial agglomerate stones. At present, a new technological device is being verified in terms of research and development. This device aims to enable the processing of secondary energy waste and products by means of production of lightweight artificial stones, usable even in very demanding applications, also lightweight high-strength concrete and composite materials with high resistance to thermal stress.

The main task of this project is a very important and absolutely fundamental change in the conditions of stones production. 

Name of project: New progressive technology for production of lightweight high-strength stones.

Duration of the project implementation: 2016 - 2018

Aim of the project: In practical conditions verify the energy-saving, economical and environmentally very cost-saving technology of artificial stones production.

This project is co-financed by the European Union.


Service activity:

We provide the warranty and after-warranty repairs, including the service of devices from finished production. More information:

Published: 18.2.2019


Dear customers, since 1st of March 2017 applies to the wholesale and retail trade obligation to use EET (Electronic records of sales).  Due to the fact, that company TARPO s.r.o. this trade operates randomly and cash payments accepted only in exceptional cases, TARPO decides with effect from 1st of March 2017 not to accept cash payments.   

Payment can be done after the previous agreement in the following ways:

- payment of proforma invoice by bank transfer,                                                                   - cash deposit at the bank´s counter,                                                                                    - cash on delivery, in case of sending goods by post.

Thank you for your understanding.