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                                 SUSTAINABLE ENERGY

Our company TARPO participated in the SUSEN project as a supplier of several facilities.

The SUSEN project is geared to the knowledge economy. Its aim is to contribute to research and development activities for the safe, reliable and long-term sustainable operation of existing energy facilities, in particular second and third generation and extending their service life by 20-40 years.

Another aim of the project is to support a smooth transition to nuclear power plants with III + IV generation reactors through the research and development of new technologies. An important part of the project is focused on the research and development of high-tech thermonuclear fusion technologies.


The SUSEN project represents:

  • a new challenge for nuclear research in Central Europe
  • strengthening the material-technical base of research for nuclear energy in the Czech Republic
  • a supporting science and research program for the new generation of nuclear reactors
  • modern equipment and laboratories
  • development of advanced technologies
  • new opportunities for young, perspective scientists and students


The basic programs of the SUSEN project                                                                                                Project is based on four basic pillars representing the following research programs, devided into these research activities:

  • Technological experimental circuits (TEO)
  • Structural and System Diagnostics (SSD)
  • Nuclear fuel cycle (JPC)
  • Material research (MAT)