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Engine room     Biomass gasification


      Biomass gasification is the most effective conversion of its energy into the energy        of gas, eventually into the electrical energy. This is done by burning biogases into cogeneration unit and conversion into electricity and heat. Especially for smaller devices (up to 1 MWe) is such efficiency substantially higher than the most common method used today fuel combustion in the boiler and the use in the steam cycle.

Tarpo company has developed and operates the private coal gasification plant with an output of 200-1000 kW. The developed technology is applied commercially also in projects in both home and abroad. It enables reliable control of the system in automatic, unattended mode (with occasional supervision), mainly due to achieving excellent purity of energo gas and both from the solids and in terms of the minimum content of tars. The time utilization is above 80%.

The device enables to process the biomass in the form of chips up to 50% humidity. The only waste from this process stream is wood ashes, which is an excellent fertilizer used in agriculture. Heat from the engine gas after the gas generator and cooling cogeneration units is generally used to heat the premises of the company, eventually for other technological purposes such as drying wood waste for the production of wood briquettes or pellets, agricultural products, and the like.

Due to the limited resources of biomass it is imperative to use these limited resources in the most efficient way to the most efficient devices, which mainly produces electrical energy as the noblest kind of energy in general and co-produced thermal energy is used efficiently. The gasification devices of company TARPO operating in cogeneration mode, with high efficiency cogeneration, comply with these requirements.


                                                 Preparation of gas    Preparation of wood chips