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TARPO hydraulic assembly press  

Special hydraulic punching press - datasheet

Production of hydraulic presses has had in our company a long tradition.

We currently offer four types of assembly presses:

  • C-40 with pressing force 4t
  • C-80 with pressing force 8t
  • C-160 with pressing force 16t
  • C-250 with pressing force 25t.

Our presses are characterized by simple operation, high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. Hydraulic assembly presses are designed especially for the various small manufacturing and assembly working like pressing, straightening, bending, trimming, pulling, protracting, riveting, coining etc.

Hydraulic assembly press is a compact construction with a tank and a pump placed on the lower platform of working table under the press. Pressing force is adjustable with hydraulic armature and also by parameter entry into the press control system. Hydraulic press needs low attendance - all of the operations and attendance working controls the control system PLC Siemens C7-613.                     

In automotive industry, the press is often used to punching holes into the air-conditioning pipes with automatic detection of press cuttings after the punching with maximum efficiency.

Warranty period

We provide 10 years warranty for mechanical parts and 12 months warranty for hydraulics and electro components. We ensure the warranty and after-warranty service inspections.

TARPO assembly presses advantages:

  • access to working space from three sides
  • massive cast-iron construction
  • low weight, small dimenstions
  • simple controlling, minimal maintenance
  • high operational reliability
  • simple replacement due to arresting wheels
  • press parameters according to customer´s requirements
  • wide range of accessories (light barriers, blower, working space area lighting)
  • we use only components from leading European manufacturers


                                                   Installation at customer                                                                                          press for punching of pipes designed for air-conditioning car´s unit

            C-40 with cuttings detection  Punching pipes tool   Punching of pipes   Punching pipe  

            Final product  Tools for pressing   Cutting pipe for air-conditioning unit   Pipe´s cuttings removed by blowing