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Block modular dryer BSM - Block modular dryer for drying of wood chips

  Purpose of this equipment is drying of wood chips for energy purposes, to increase its calorific value, while using of the low-potential waste heat. Drying line output can be designed in a large power range, depending on customer´s requirements, i.e. from ten kilograms up to tens of tons per hour. 

Recommended use of modular biomass dryer                                                                                TARPO recommends using a modular dryer from a drying area 60 m² and more.

Modular dryers are assembled from prefabricated modules directly at the place of project realization at the customer and to provide the required drying power.

In case of requirement for drying a large amount of material, it is also possible to supply two modular dryers, which will be interconnected by conveyors. During the period, when the customer will have less material available for drying, can be only one dryer is operation.

Wet material enters the dryer by a single conveyor and dried material exits the dryer also by a single conveyor on the other side. This dryer is arranged as one-storey.

Dryer is a  compact construction, weighing of wet material into the hopper is possible with belt conveyor, wheel loader or dispensing container. Speed of rake conveyor to the dried mass can be regulated within a wide limits.

Ai, saturated with humidity, exits freely from the dryer at a very low speed, so that it is not entrained dust from dried material - the filtration of saturated vapor is not necessary.

BSM - dryer´s parameters  
Drying area size 60 - 300 m²
Wood chips (sawdust) of each particle size 5 - 100 mm
Typical biomass water content - before drying 40-50 %
Typical biomass water content - after drying 10-14 %
Drying material height 0,3 - 0,4 m
Width of the dryer´s module 4,2 - 6,6 m
Lenght of dryer acc. to the requirements of drying area size
Emission of solid pollutants max. 20 mg/m³


Advantages of TARPO block modular dryers:

  • no danger of ignition - dryer is equipped with an advanced fire detection system
  • lower consumption of heat for drying
  • use of low-potential heat, temperature in the range of 60-90 °C
  • "tailor-made" design - according to the requirements for the required drying output or the drying area size
  • a lot of accessories (silo with displaceable floors, transportation paths, sorters, etc.)