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Wood chips dryer


TARPO company Ltd. was supplied 4 pcs of wood chips dryer, type TARPO BS-16 to the company Plzeňská teplárenská a.s. Czech Republic.

Block dryer BS-16 is of simple construction, has a hopper for filling of fuel - wood chips - and rake conveyor for moving along the grade to the dryer´s outlet.

It is possible to regulate the cooperation of all 4 dryers:

Ideal situation is (if the amount of dryer material is in convenience with requested amount), when the dryers can work in pairs and in this activity will be changed with the rest ones after a suitable time.

Mode changing dryers corresponds to about 140 % of guaranteed drying output and is the most energy efficient at the same time.

If it would be necessary to increase the dryer´s output, it would run three dryers at one time, and in case of lower required power would run 1 dryer and occasionally another dryer would switch over to the first one. 




Created: 14. 1. 2019
Last update: 15. 1. 2019 07:00
Author: Správce Webu