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Block dryer for brewery draff

block dryer

In 2014, the TARPO BS-12ML dryer for brewery draff drying was built in Jílové u Držkova, Czech Republic. 

The whole device is unattended and controlled by the control system. Operation of whole line is monitored, all critical points are monitored and detected by the respective sensors and limiting sensors.

Similar technology is also suitable for drying of solid digestate from Biogas stations.


Dryer´s parameters TARPO BS-12ML
Power output 800 kg/h
Specific weight of wet draff 700 kg/m³
Dry matter content 25 m³ as minimum
Installed electric power output 32 kW
Transport volumetric output of route 40 m³/h of draff
Solid pollutants emmisions in outlet 15 mg/Nm³ = 2300 kg/year


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