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Dryer in Lithuania

Dryer for wood shavings

Sawdust dryer - company POLYWOOD Lithuania

At the beginning of this year, we produced and supplied a wood shavings dryer, type TARPO BS-24L, to a  Lithuanian customer.

This dryer is designed as one-storey and customer will use it as a part of a line for production of wood pellets for heating.

Dryer is made of stainless material and is placed in the production hall together with other technology.


Dryer parameters BS-24L
Amount of dried material 2 t/hour
Material input humidity 20 %
Material output humidity 10 %
Dryer dimensions  l x w x h 13 x 2,4 x 2,9 m
Layer of dried material in dryer 0,3 - 0,4 m


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