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LOCA (Loss Of Coolant Accident)

One of the largest devices of the "Structural and System Diagnostic (SSD)" research program is test facility LOCA, which is designed for simulate the external environment conditions, which arise in the event of maximal project accidents with coolant leakage onto nuclear power plant or to simulate the similar thermodynamic conditions in other devices.

LOCA test facility                                                                                                                                        The test itself consists of placing the test item into a pressure vessel and explose it to the conditions of thermodynamic shock and the conditions that follow such an accident (showering with deactivation solution). The shock occurs when pipes with overheated pressure steam are broken.

Test items: electrical cables, cable glands, cable clutches, smaller electrical switchboards, motors, sealing, valves and sensors.

After LOCA accident simulation is completed, a CORROSIVE TEST - test of flood resistance - is carried out. The object to be tested is immersed in the spray solution at the prescribed temperature and pressure while simultaneously testing the functionality.

The device is capable of fast automatic regulation of thermodynamic parameters - increase/ decrease of temperature and pressure.

The device is insulated against its surroundings devices both thermally, vibrationally, acoustically and electromagnetically.

LOCA MAIN PARTS                                                                                                                 

  • 2x LOCA vessel (1x big, 1x small) - LOCA tests are performed in these vessels
  • 1x pressure vessel for H2 explosion simulation
  • water treatment
  • boiler - steam source for LOCA
  • nitrogen source and heat source, etc.

PARAMETERS                                                                                                                        Temperature:       up to 300 °C                                                                                                      Pressure:              20 bar                                                                                                                      Time to heat the vessel to 300 °C:   15-30 sec