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TARPO C-40+40 Single-purpose press for cutting pipes with horizontal           and vertical working cylinder

Single-purpose press - datasheet

We also have a special single-purpose press TARPO C-40+40 in our offer of hydraulic presses.

TARPO C-40+40 is a vertical/horizontal quick press of table construction with unloading. Power output of hydraulic unit is increased by about 50% compared to previous press C-40.

This press is used for various small manufacturing and assembly works.                                               It is especially suitable for serial, belt and mass production of medium and small parts. It is possible to do these operations: pressing, straightening, bending, trimming, pulling, protracting, riveting, coining etc. Piston forehead is designed for various tools fastening.

The press is a compact construction with a tank and pump placed on the lower platform of working table under the press. Pressing force is adjustable - by specifying the parameter in control system. As in the previous variant enables, with the help of hydraulic armature, to switch into a faster mode (with half power), but the ram velocity exceeds to 130 mm/s. The press is easy to operate. All operations and operator´s activities are monitored with control system.                                                                           In this case, the press is equipped with a safety light barriers.           

Clamping plate of working table has dimensions 750 x 640 mm and can be equipped with a few rows of threaded holes M8 for clamping of preparations and auxiliary devices. Clamping plate has 5 mm thickness, so it is stiff enough for used operations. On the press forehead are placed the press control elements - working double buttons, RESET and repeating button.

The tank of hydraulics with the pump and armatures is placed on the lower side of table platform, the electric distributor with control system is placed on the right side of platform.                                       Working table legs are equipped with wheels for possibility of easy transport.

Warranty period

We provide 10 years warranty for mechanical parts and 12 months warranty for hydraulics and electro components. We ensure the warranty and after-warranty service inspections.

TARPO C-40+40 single-purpose press advantages:

  • massive cast-iron construction
  • simple controlling, minimal maintenance
  • horizontal and vertical pressing cylinder
  • adjustable pressing force
  • high operational reliability = extended 10 years warranty on mechanical parts
  • easy displacement of press due to locking wheels
  • wide range of accessories (safety light barriers, working space lighting, blowing with identification of cuttings after each finished operation - on customer´s request)
  • we use only the components from leading European manufacturers


                                       Installation of C-40+40 press for cutting pipes                                                                                         with horizontal and vertical working cylinder                                                              Press C-40+40 overall viewLis C-40+40 detailPress - side viewPressing toolFixed barrierPress C-40+40 detail                                    Pressing tool detailHorizontal and vertical pressing cylinderHydraulicsFixed and optical safety barriers

This press is used for air-conditioning pipes dividing by means of two working tools, which are placed onto horizontal and also onto vertical working cylinder.                                                                           Device enables cutting up to three various pipes, in this case without blowing and without cuttings identification, but with the possibility of equip the press with this accessory.                                               When changing the type of pipe is only set up the eventual blowing and identification device to another position and set up the switch onto control system panel.                                                                           Device detects putting the pipe into correct position.                                                                               Increased power and pressing velocity (at 40 kN, velocity 60 mm/s).