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TARPO hydraulic straightening presses

Special straightening press - datasheet

Production of hydraulic presses has had in our company a long tradition.

We currently offer two types of straightening presses:

  • C-350 with pressing force 35t
  • CR-500 with pressing force 50t.

Our presses are characterized by simple operation, high reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. Hydraulic straightening presses are designed especially for metal parts forming, bending, straightening, punching and small assembly and manufacturing working.

Hydraulic straightening press is a massive cast-iron contruction, it is C shaped and placed on four pedestal feet, a straightening table is bolted on the press and has dimensions 370 x 1500 mm. T-slots in the table and 60 mm dia. hole serve for tool fastening. Control system is fastened on a bracket on the right press side, hydraulic aggregate is placed on the left press side.

The press has two-speed control and simple operation, which can be two-button control, handle or foot actuation according to customer´s demand.

Warranty period

We provide 10 years warranty for mechanical parts and 12 months warranty for hydraulics and electro components. We ensure the warranty and after warranty service inspections.

TARPO straightening presses advantages: 

  • massive cast-iron construction
  • simple controlling, minimal maintenance
  • two-speed operation
  • pressing force up to 50 tons
  • straightening table dimensions and further modification according to customer´s demand
  • we use only components from leading European manufacturers