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VS 7/8 Vertical continuous dryer                                                         (Datasheet)

TARPO VS 7/8 Vertical continuous dryer is designed as a grain dryer with double heat recuperation for the most effective operation and power input of ventilators was a low as possible in terms of electricity consumption. 

The drying process is automatically controlled by PLC and values of parameters can be remotely transmitted via Intranet or Internet.  

Dryer VS 7/8 is designed so, that compared to conventional dryers with active recuperation, has reduced the heat consumption up to 16% and electricity consumption up to 18%. This is achieved by substantial reducing of the hot air flow and double heat recuperation from air output of one section being used in the other sections while its reheated to the required temperature. 

This dryer has minimized built up area. 

The product input is at the top of the dryer and outlet is at the bottom of the dryer. All parts of the dryer, which came into contact with the product, are galvanized, the external cladding panels are galvanized and enameled. 

Emission values meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

Vertical continuous dryer advantages:

  • efficient operation thanks to double heat recuperation
  • reduced consumption of heat and electricity by up to 18%
  • automatically controlled operation
  • minimized built up area
  • very low dustness at the outlet from the dryer
  • heat from cooling is used for further drying at the higher dryer sections

We always project the dryer directly according to customer´s possibilities.