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Bricks divider DC-2                                                                             (Datasheet)

Bricks divider is machine designed for grinding of thin strips from bricks format 210x100x65 to 290x140x71 mm. This production line is conceived for two attendants, who are able to cut up to 420 bricks per hour (840 strips). If we add a insertion and ejection robots together with this production line, we get an automatized workstation.

Machine has a robust construction: frame is made from U-profiles and square tubes. The bricks are cutting with a pair of diamond wheels, each wheel has its own drive. This drive is placed on the braced plate and consists of electromotor, belt transmission and drive shafts, which are placed into the bearing hoses. Drive on the braced place forms a compact and solid unit, which is important for a quality surface of grinded side. Wheels are vertically adjustable in case of its wearing. it is possible to adjust also the thickness of cutting strips.

Brick divider has its own control system which allows you to change eg. whole hayfork velocity, or hayfork velocity between entry of grinding wheel into the brick and its leaving - this method may significantly improve the operation and also contributes to a smaller proportion of reject during operation.

There are two emergency buttons installed on the machine, after pushing of these buttons, the whole production line switch off.

Warranty period

We provide 12 months warranty period for delivered brick divider.                                                         We ensure the warranty and after-warranty service inspections.

Bricks divider advantages:

  • increasing of facade tiles production efficiency
  • robust construction
  • high adjustable grinding wheels
  • its own control system
  • monitoring the whole production operation with attendance warning in case of errors
  • we use only the components from leading European manufacturers
  • at using of robots (insertion and ejection) we get an automatized workstation