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High-temperature filtration

Vysokoteplotní filtrace

The energy raw gas shoud be very well cleaned of all solid particles during the high temperature filtration thermochemical conversion of biomass (pyrolysis, gasification). The ideal way is filtration in high-temperature filter, which does not thwart the appreciable heat of gas. It is possible to use another technology appropriately so as to achieve the highest level of conversion of fuel into electrical energy and thereby ensure the highest electrical efficiency of the whole device.

Our company has developed and supply a filtration device for supplying the temperature to 750 ° C with a ceramic filter media or to temperatures of about  280 ° C with the fabric filter media. Both of these types of filters are regenerative treatment with a suitable gas, depending on temperature and properties of energogas. The quality of the final clean of gas product is about 1 mg / m3.

The filtration power output can be designed in a wide range, always according to customer´s requirements.

The monitoring equipment for continuous or two-state measuring the exiting gas contamination can be (according to customer) installed on the filter output. 

In this way the operator is informed immediately in the event of the filter device defect.

   Vysokoteplotní filtrace Vysokoteplotní filtrace