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Dryers and its ventilators


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BS Block dryer for brewery draff, wood chips, grains and solid digestate from Biogass stations                                                                                                          (Datasheet)

The purpose of our device is drying wood chips for energy purposes, to increase its calorific value, while using the low-potential waste heat. The drying line output can be designed in a large power range, depending on customer´s requirements, i.e. from tens kilograms up to tens of tons per hour. 

Line controls the control system with PLC so as to minimize maintenace. At the same time, the operator has access to accurate information about the operational status of the whole complex. 

Draff characteristic Brewery draff is a secondary product during the production of barley malt, the specific weight of wet draff is 700kg/m3 and dry matter content is 25% as minimum. 
Use of dried product Dried draff is very desirable for feeding mixture of farm animals. Drying is preserved for a long-term storage.

Advantages of block dryers against tumble dryers:

  • no danger of ignition
  • lower consumption of heat for drying
  • utilize heat at low temperature has been in the range of 60-90°C against tumble dryer needing the drying medium temperatures up to 380°C  
  • mechanical drive is required only 20% of electric energy

Our drying technology is industrially protected. 

Delivery time is about 3-4 months, depending on the type and size of the dryer.                                       As a part of delivery can be also these accessories: silo with displaceable floors, transportation paths, sorters, etc.